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A fun way to lose weight

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored! While it's always fun to have a sponsor (especially the first one on the new platform), there is always something that needs to be addressed to make sure you guys are totally aware of what is going on. I received GON GLOW's product for free in exchange for me mentioning their product. I took it upon myself to do a full article on this product. Everything I have said is my personal opinion. This product is a real product like any weight loss product results may vary depending on the person. It will not happen overnight as this is not a miracle weight loss solution but instead a helpful program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. 
As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I am on a journey to lose weight. With that being said I want to make sure I have fun while doing it. Losing weight is hard. It is easy to become quickly discouraged when the weight doesn't just fall off. But when you have fun while trying to lose wei…
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losing weight after recovery

As a lot of you who follow my Instagram know, I am a recovered anorexic. I struggled long and hard for years in a battle for my life that I still don't like to share. If you feel left out, don't worry, I'll eventually make a blog post about it when I am fully ready.

Rule number one of recovery of any kind is to not put yourself in a situation that would cause you to have thoughts and behaviors that lead you down the path you chose to leave behind. But what if your health depended on it? Are you any healthier overweight than underweight? I'm honestly not even sure.

But I do know this. I did not fight for my entire teen years to get healthy again just to become unhealthy in another way.

People tell me all the time. "Well you just had a baby, of course, you're going to look different and weight a little more." While aunt Sally is right in the sense of my body is never going to be the same as it was before. Kinzlie or even before my eating disorder. She's…

Easter in different colors

My family is pretty crazy when it comes to religion. I grew up with a non-practicing Christian father and an atheist mother. My grandparents were evangelistic and Mormon. So even growing up Easter meant different things depending on the house I went to.
Now things have gotten even crazier. I myself am pagan, while my significant other is Atheist with a fully Christian family. We have decided to not really go into religion with our daughter because we feel it is her choice to determine her path in religion. But what does that mean for holidays like Easter?

Well because Easter is both a pagan holiday and a Christian one we use this time to celebrate our traditions but also learn about, as well as learn to respect others. Easter to me is about giving back to the earth, getting ready to plant and taking a day to live in the moment. this year earth day is so close that its a perfect time to teach about giving and receiving from the earth. we usually will plant something, leave some sugar w…

Young Parents

I have technically finished this article multiple times, but I haven't posted it and keep rewriting it because there are so many different approaches I can take on it. I've tried the negative viewpoints: my views vs the media, why I think the media could be right, why young parents are better than other parents, etc. Yet none of them sounded quite right and honestly, we don't need that kind of mother vs mother battles nor do I feel the need to explain my self to media sources that have no clue what they're talking about. Heck, I have even reposted and edited it again. So if this post seems familiar, that is probably why. 

I've tried positive approaches: young parents who have succeeded big time, the history of young parents, etc. but you see that didn't feel right either because any parent knows parenting of any age isn't easy. Wither you're 16 or 40 no parent is the same. There are good and bad parents all across this world of all different ages. Even i…

Self Care

As moms, we take a lot of beating, Both mentally and physically. That's why we need to make sure we take care of ourselves. Not just for us but for our little ones as well. self-care can help a huge improvement on your overall mental and physical health. The thing is most of us don't even know what self-care is or we deliberately ignore it. I even was skeptical myself on how doing simple things day to day or even once a month could help any but after applying a few self-care tips I've found to my routine I saw a huge difference in my overall mental health.

Every morning I start my day off with a good old cup of coffee or tea. It doesn't have to be that expensive name brand coffee. I tend to alternate between cappuccino k cups and regular black coffee with almond milk. Or on days I prefer tea I just drink plan English blend. When it's later in the day and things feel a bit rough I tend to drink a calming tea.

I tend to try to drink at least 8 cups (or 4 water bottl…

Potty training

It seems like potty training is the number one parenting worry. Everyone has potty training fails or concerns. But oddly enough it's one of the biggest money makers/spenders. When we started potty raining Kinzlie last year I, like many other moms, turned to google to find methods, figure out how long I should wait before calling it a fail. Should I get disposable training pants or reusable?

But to my surprise, I didn't find any of that. Instead of a bunch of helpful moms trying to help one another out, I found tons of "How I potty trained all five of my kids in 2 hours." Stories with a "Buy my book" or "Find out how for $$$" links.

Honestly, I'm not trashing on moms who sell their parenting skills. I'm trashing on their get-rich-quick mentalities and the fact they're praying on exhausted, desperate women, who just want their kids to poop INSIDE the toilet. 

So what is the correct way to potty train your kids? Well, I'll tell you and f…

Why raising girls is harder

Raising kids has always been a difficult thing, it seems as if no matter how far back you go there was always a record of children acting out. Girls sneaking out to be with forbidden lovers, boys fighting at school and grades not being good enough. Throughout history, children always put up some kind of hassle no matter their age. Yet over the past few centuries, you are starting to hear talk about how much harder it is getting.

When having kids, both genders are trying. They both cry, they both poop, they are both acceptable to illness and complications. But as they get older, and we start teaching them we start to notice the differences. With both, you start out with words. Mommy, Daddy, and whatever other family members you want them to know the name of. Then it's crawling, walking, numbers, colors and so on until you hit the part where you have to teach them basic life rules. That's where things start to go down south for parents with daughters.

Maybe its because I don't…