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How to be an influencer 101

As social media continues to grow so do Influencers. Even just a few years ago influencers meant celebrities. People with large followings, lots of money, and a bit of influence over what people buy. Most brands become popular simply because they found a celebrity or 2 to promote their product. Once that celebrity started wearing it— everyone wanted it.  Fortunately today celebrities aren’t the only people getting brand deals. Influencers now range from very few followers to millions of followers. Just about anyone can be an influencer now. But no body tells you how. It’s simple though. Talk to the brands. I know. No one wants to hear how something so complicated is actually pretty easy. Everyone wants to act like you have to have tons of followers and a decent stack of cash in your bank at all times but that’s not the reality. Today I wanna tell people like me, people who say “I can’t do that because I’m not rich” people who say “well I don’t have a big enough following”, that
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Silent Run book review

Silent run- Barbara Freethy  *disclaimer* I read this book for free through the chapter a day section from nook. This review might contain slight spoilers When a woman gets ran off the road she wakes up in the hospital not knowing her name, who she is, or anything about her life. Almost instantly she is confronted by her ex that she ran out nearly 7 months ago with their daughter she had just learned of. He tells her that her name is Sarah, that she left with their daughter for no reason. But nothing in Sarah’s life makes sense to her. Why would she leave someone like Jake? Why would she keep their daughter from him? She wouldn’t, unless she was running from something. But what? After multiple attempts on her life Sarah and Jake try to put the pieces together of her forgotten past before it’s too late.  Sarah obviously has a lot going on in her life. Different names, different places, always leaving abruptly. With someone always trying to take her life it makes sense tha

five ways to maintain A relationship after kids

5 ways to maintain a relationship after kids Relationships are great you love your significant other you trust them you spend the majority of your time together even if it's just when you're asleep. You tell them thing s you don't tell anyone else. You love each other you decided to have a baby and start a family together (all in theory) but no matter the excitement no matter the love getting back in the groove is something we all struggle with sooner or later. Trying to balance a child work home yourself and your relationship is trick no matter who you are. Unfortunately, we usually make more time by cutting out other things. The majority of the time what ends up being cut out is the time that you spend with each other. We've all been there working moms stay at home moms everyone. Our partners are busy, we are busy and we say well make time this day or that day then you forget or something comes up. We blame them, they blame us, everyone else blames the baby. 

Ups and downs of a sahm

Ups and downs of a stay at home mom Being a stay at home mom is a contradiction to itself. It's the most rewarding job jut also the leas paid, the least appreciated and the most controversial one. There are so many ups and downs to being a sahm it's definitely bound to make you question if you should just higher a baby sitter and go get your degree in something crazy hard like rocket science. Every sahm will tell you how much they love their kids and how smart their kids are and how they always miss their sweet little one-hour old baby and its all so true. Kids are a learning and teaching experience. They are sweet silly and fun. watching them grow up to have their own little personalities and hobbies and voice is the most rewarding thing on this planet. There is nothing like being called mamma or Dada for the first time or hearing "I wuv oooo" turn into "I love you mommy" or even hearing them say they want you. A simple thank you makes your heart mel


Making A Patreon It's time guys! I've finally made a Pateron. I have been wanting to do this for a while now but was too worried it would fail. But you know what they say, you can't succeed unless you try. Why? I decided to do Patreon because I wanted to do more. I wanted to interact with you guys better as well as be able to give more to you guys. and well let's be honest it's hard to give more to your audience when you're solely running off ads. What are you getting? By becoming a Patreon you get some pretty cool benefits no one else will. you will get early access to blog posts, behind the scenes posts, exclusive topics, q&As no one else will see, access to discord as well as be able to pick topics. in the future, if this goes well I will do giveaways, stickers, and exclusive product review videos just for you guys. What am I getting out of this? with Patreon I gt more than just your money. I get your priorities you guys who love and su

Making Changes/ Updates

Making Changes life updates/blog updates Once again I have disappeared off the face of the earth. I know what yall are thinking. either that I'm giving up on blogging or that I'm doing something super cool and haven't been able to blog from being so busy. well sorry to disappoint but both are wrong. in fact, the reason I have taken yet another break from the blog isn't even because I've been working on anything remotely close to the blog. instead, I've been working on me. Seeing as I tend to ramble on about it a lot, the large majority of you know I have battled with mental illness a lot. looking back my break kindas seems silly. I decided to take a break because I had a breakdown over just about everything going on in my life. realistically I was just taking on way too much at one time. I was trying too hard to make consistent posts while also pre-writing for moths ahead trying to lose weight and start as well as stop multiple habits while also trying

Making a House a Home 6/1/18

*update this post was from the old blog. I will be soon putting out an up to date blog post and will be posting more “making a house a home” posts. Thank you for your patience while I've been away. As I posted a while back in a previous blog post, we moved a few months ago. We got the opportunity to get a house on a land contract until we can buy it next year which is really a great deal and very comforting to know that we won't have to pack up and move again. We can also do what we want to the house since it will be ours which is so much better than renting a little old apartment with hardly any room or lighting and all cream walls. ​So now that its spring and warm outside we have been busy making this house our home whenever we have a little free time or extra cash. Of course, we finished all the main stuff like getting our things moved in and situated and making some adjustments like redoing part of the flooring that needed to be fixed. but this past couple of weekends